One Direction He cheats on you.

Harry: You were missing Harry very much this week everything that happened reminded you of him. So you though why don’t you just go visit him while he was on tour. So you called Paul and set it up so that you would leave tonight to stay the week with him. You packed your close and called a cab to pick you up. On the plane you are so excited that you can’t even sleep on the plane. So when you got off the plane you were really tired walking to the car that Paul arranged to pick you up from the airport. The driver dropped you off at the hotel that the boys were staying at. The lady at the front desk gave you a room key for the room that Harry was staying in. You grabbed your luggage and got on to the elevator. When you got to his room you heard some loud noises so you knew he was in his room. You opened the door to find Harry and some random girl making out on the bed. Harry looked up because he noticed the door opened. When he saw it was you he got up and said “(Y/N) I’m so sorry it was an accident. I.. I.. I didn’t mean to.” You dropped the bags that were in your hands and ran down the hall and up the stairs to were Louis’s room was. You knocked on the door frantically. When he finally opened the door he was confused. “(Y/N) what are you doing here I didn’t know you were here. I thought you were still in England,” he says scratching his head. “Can I come in please I need to talk to you,” you tell Louis. “Ya sure,” he says moving to let you in the door. “Oh and before I forget if Harry comes to the door don’t let him in please,” you tell him walking to sit on the couch. “Why can’t I let Harry? What happened,” he asks you coming to sit beside you on the couch. “I was missing Harry so much I decided to come see him. When I get here he is making out with so random girl down in his room,” you tell him about to cry. He leans over and hugs you and says, “Well have you talked to him about this?” “No I ran strait for your room,” you tell him wiping the tears from your eyes. Theres a knock at the door and you both know who’s at the door. “You should go sit in the bed room so I can talk to him,” he says walking to the door. He waits for you to go into the bedroom before opening the door. Louis opens the door to Harry. “Have you seen her I have been looking all over the place. I feel so bad I should of never have done that. She has  done nothing to deserve this. I wish I knew where she was,” he says frantically walking to sit on the couch. “What would you say to her If she was here,” you say to him while walking out of the bedroom to sit beside him on the couch. ”I would tell her that I am so sorry for what happened and I was so stupid to that to the best girlfriend in the world,” he says starting to cry. “Why did you do it,” you ask him wiping the tears from his face. “I don’t even know I was stupid,” he says. “And I promise that I will never do that again, I Love You, and hurting you was the stupids thing I have ever done,” he tells you. “I Love You to but this is going to take sometime to heal what you did was wrong,” you say but he cuts you off saying. “I know it was wrong and as long as I know there is hope that we can get back together then Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,” he says trying to hug you but you stop him. “I can’t, not now I’m really hurt that you would do that to me,” you get up and walk out the door. You both were never the same again. 

Louis: Today your boyfriend said that he was going to go out with his friends and so you decided to go out with your friends. Before he left he gave you a big hug and kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you later tonight,” he says shutting the door behind him. Your friends came over to pick you up to go to the mall. You were at the mall when you decided to text Louis to tell him that you missed him and that you loved him so much. When he didn’t text you back you didn’t think anything about it. Because you knew he was probably busy playing video games with his friends or something. You and your friends were hungry so you all decided to go eat in the food court after shopping all morning. You ordered your food at your favorite fast food counter. Than you and your friends sat down at a table near the window. After eating your lunch you and your friends walk over to the trash can. “Is that Louis with that girl over there,” she asks pointing to the restaurant right out of the food court. “It looks like Louis,” another one of your friends say. “I think it is but didn’t you say he was going out with his friends today (Y/N),” one of your friends asks you. “Should I go over there or not,” you ask your friends. “Why don’t you call his phone and just make sure that’s him and not someone that looks like him,” one of your friends says to you handing you your phone. You press send on your phone and wait til he answers, hoping that its not him with the other girl eating lunch. The guy at the table looks at his phone then ignore the call. “I’ts him it just went to voice mail,” you say to your friends about to cry. “Maybe its not a date,” one of your friends asks. “Shes write she might just be a friend or something,” one of other friends tells you giving you a hug. “Why don’t we just ask him,” she says. So you and your friends walk over to there table. “Hi Louis,” you say a little shaken. He turns to face you and he looks like hes about to throw up. “Who is this,” you friend asks Louis. “I’m so sorry (Y/N), I shouldn’t have done this, I.. I.. I’m really sorry,” he trys to finish but you stop him. “Why,” is all you can say to him. Because your feeling a rush of emotions. “I don’t know I.. I.. I just don’t know I made a mistake. I know what I did was wrong,” he says. “No it wasn’t just wrong it was also stupid,” you say before walking away. “(Y/N),” Louis calls following you. “I’m so sorry,” he says following you out of the resausterant. “(Y/N) Honesty, tell what can I do to change this,” he says trying to grab your hand. You pull away and say, “Honestly Louis theres nothing you can do to fix what you did. What you did was stupid and wrong,” you say to him. “(Y/N) I will do what ever it takes to fix this I promise,” he says. “No Louis theres nothing,” you say turning and runing to your car. When you got to your car you started crying. After that day you never talked to Louis again.

Zayn: Zayn and the boys had a performance in America so he took you along with him. Instead of leaving you back in England. So you were so excited to go with them but you were so nervous that something bad was going to happen. But Zayn would always tell you that everything would be fine. When you got to the airport in America you were about to go crazy. Because you were so excited to be in the US with him, cause you grow up in the US but moved to England to live with Zayn in his flat. When you were here in the US Zayn bought tickets for you and him to go see your parents. After Zayn and the boys left the hotel to go to the arena where they were singing. You noticed Zayn left his phone on the side table in the hotel room. So you called a cab and drove to the arena. You walked to the back gate and asked the guy “Can I come in I need to give Zayn his phone he left it in our hotel room?” “I cant let you in,” he said. “But I’m Zayn’s girlfriend I need to go give him his phone,” you say to the guy getting a little annoyed that you the girlfriend cant go in. “Please move along,” he tells you. “But I need to get in there,” you say to him really mad now. “You aren’t authorized to come in please move on,” he says. “What if I can get someone inside to say that I’m aloud in can I come in,” you ask him. “I guess so,” he says. “Yay,” you say grabbing your phone. Your first thought was to call Zayn but you cant you have his phone. So you just call Harry instead. “Hello,” Harry says answering his phone. “Hey I’m out by the gate and this guy will not let me in can you help he I have Zayn’s phone he left it back at the hotel,” you tell him. “Ya sure I will be out there in a minute,” he says before ending the call. When Harry comes out he talks to the man and your aloud in. You walk with Harry into the arena. “Do you know where Zayn is,” you ask Harry. “I think he is in his dressing room getting ready, probably fixing his hair for the twentieth time,” he says laughing. “Thanks so much Harry,” you say walking towards Zayn’s dressing room. You knock on the door but there was no answer so you just open the door anyways. You open the door to Zayn and a stylist makeing out. “What are you doing,” you ask Zayn. “(Y/N) it was and accedent. I.. I.. I’m so sorry (Y/N) can you forgive me,” he asks walkin towards you and trying to grab your hand. But you pull away and say “No chucking the phone at him and running.” “Wait (Y/N),” he yells running after you. “No,” you yell back to him. You run into another dressing room and its Liam’s. “Hey (Y/N) what are you doing here I thought you stayed back at the hotel,” he asks while messing with something on the counter. “I’m running from Zayn,” you say locking the door behind you. “Why are you running from zayn? What happened,” he asks. “He left his phone at the hotel so I came to bring it to him,” you say walking to the couch. “When I opened his dressing room door he was makeing out with some stylist,” you say crying into your hands. Liam walks over and asks “Have you talked to him?” “No I ran out of the room,” you sat up looking at Liam. “Where is Zayn,” he asks when someone knocked on the door. “(Y/N) are you in there,” Zayn asks from the other side of the door. “Please don’t let him in,” you tell Liam. “But you have to talk to him (Y/N),” he says walking to the door and opens it. “Is she in there,” Zayn asks. “Yes she is but shes crying, Why Zayn? Why were you kissing the stylist,” Liam asks Zayn while moving out of the way for Zayn to walk in to the room. “It was an accedent, she come on to me,” Zayn tells Liam. Liam didn’t really care what answer was. Because Liam knew what Zayn did was unexplainable. Zayn walked over and sat beside you on the couch. “No Zayn I can’t trust you anymore what you did was wrong and you could of done something to get away from her if you really wanted to. Just please leave I don’t want to talk about it or talk to you,” you tell Zayn moving away from him on the couch. “Are you sure,” Zayn asks. “Yes Zayn I’m Positive I want you to go,” you say barering your face into your hands. Zayn left the room and Liam walks over and asks you “Is there anything I can do for you (Y/N)?” “Can you call a cab I just want to go home,” you say looking up to him your eyes all puffy. “Ok,” he says walking away to book you a flight back home. You couldn’t look at Zayn again.

Liam: One day you were at your flat that you shared with your boyfriend. Bored because Liam and the boys were gone on tour. So you decided to go on tumblr and just play around on the computer. You looked up One Direction on tumblr. Scrolling down the page you see tons of pictures of Liam and some blonde girl at the mall and other places. You didn’t think anything was up until you see pictures and gifs of Liam and the blonde girl kissing. You could tell that this was resent because Liam’s hair was the same hair style as it was when he left for the tour. You can’t believe what your were seeing, you immediately call Liam. “Liam why is there pictures of you kissing some blonde girl,” you say about to cry. “What pictures….. Oh….. (Y/N) I’m so sorry it… was an accident I didn’t mean to,” he says trying to assure you. But you don’t really care because you are so sad that your boyfriend would do that to you. “Why did you kiss her Liam, Why,” you ask him. “It was an accident I tell you,” he says. “Liam that is not an answer,” you say crying. “What can I do to make this better,” Liam asks hopeing that he can fix this. “I don’t think you can Liam, kissing another girl while your in a relationship is wrong Liam there is no way you can fix this. I’m sorry but I have to go, when you get back I will be gone I think I’m going to move back home. Bye Liam,” you say ending the call and running up stairs to pack your stuff. You  phone started ringing and you looked at the contact. It was Niall so you picked it up. “Yes,” you say ask Niall. “I want to ask if there is anything I can do to help you (Y/N),” Niall asks you. “No Niall I just need to pack my cloths and leave. I don’t know what after that, all I know is that I’m really disappointed in him. And I.. I.. I have to go Niall. Bye Niall,” you say before ending the call with Niall. After that you only talked to Liam every once in a while.

Niall: You and Niall have been dating for a year now, you have been living together half of that time. So when Niall asked you to come with him and the boys to California  you were so excited and couldn’t stop say “Yes”. One day after the boys were done working for the week Niall woke you up and asked you, “What do you want to do today? The boys and I are off today,” Niall asks. “Whats the weather like outside,” you ask him getting up out of bed. “It going to be warm today,” he answer. “Well what is there to do,” you ask him. “We could go to the movies,” he says walking to the closet to grab some cloths to change. “No, why don’t we go do something outside,” you ask. “Ok, what do you want to do outside,” he asks. “What if we went to the beach,” you ask him. “Ok that’s a good idea,” he says. “Call the boys and see if they want to go to the beach with us,” you say walking into the bathroom to change into your bathing suit. You walk out of the bathroom and you hear all the boys talking. “Hey (Y/N) they all said yes,” he says smiling. “Ok so are you guys ready to go,” you ask them. “Ya just let me get some snacks before we leave,” Niall yells walking to the kitchen. You all get into the car and drive to the beach. When you guys get to the beach there was almost nobody there luckily. The boys picked a spot for there stuff close to the water. They all run into the water and you open your chair and lay your towel on your chair and sit down to bask in the sun. When Niall yelled from the water, “Hey (Y/N) come in the water with us.” You think about it and then yell back, “I just want to lay in the sun right now Niall,” you yell back to him. “Please come over here,” Niall asks with a pouty face. “Niall maybe latter ok,” you yell back. “Ok,” Niall yells to you. Your just sit there in the sun when Niall’s phone starts ringing. You look at his phone and its a text from a girl named Taylor. You don’t know this girl named Taylor but you looked at the text and it reads. “Hey Niall just heard you were back in town. I miss you and I want to tell you again that I had a really great time last month when you were in California. Text me back so we can do something.” You text back “Hey this is Niall’s friend are you and Niall a couple?” Taylor texts back “Ya we have been dating for almost half a year now.” You text back, “Oh that’s cool,” you text back. You get up and walk over to the water and yell, “Hey Niall come here.” Niall gets out of the water and walks over to you. “Yes,” Niall asks you with a smile. It takes you a second to ask him, “Niall who is Taylor?” His smile drops. “So who is Taylor, Niall,” you ask again getting angrier. “Who is she Niall, I want to hear it from you,” you say starting to yell at Niall. “I’m going to ask you one more time Niall, and I want you to tell me who Taylor is,” you yell again. He take a minute then starts, “Taylor was a stupid mistake. I should of never done it. I’m so sorry, I really am,” he says about to cry because he knew that what he did was wrong. “Thank you Niall for telling me the truth,” you tell him. The other boys get out of the water and walked over to you guys. Because they heard you yelling at him. “Whats going on (Y/N),” Harry asks you. “There is another girl,” you answer Harry still looking at Niall still very angry with him. “Niall what is this about another girl,” Louis asks. “I was seeing another girl every time we came to California,” Niall answers Louis. “Why Niall,” Harry asks. “To tell you the truth,” Niall pauses then finishes. “I don’t really know and I’m so sorry I really am,” he says covering his face with his hands. “I don’t know what to do know,” you say to Niall. “Please believe me I’m really sorry,” he says looking up to you. “I need to go,” you say before walking away. It months before you talked to Niall again.

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